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Now for something slightly different...

During my time in the industry I have worked with many exiting companies across different sectors, here's a selection of ones that were never used.


SEO traffic lab

I created this logo for a full-service digital marketing agency back in 2011. It was never used but was one of my personal favourite logos that I have created.

Jubilee House Care Trust

In 2009 a local charity Jubilee House Care Trust was looking to rebrand themselves, I was asked by their IT company at the time to create some concepts for each of their locations including the main branding. Below is a selection of these logos

Hertfordshire Wedding Cars

Hertfordshire Wedding Cars wanted to redevelop themselves and their branding; they wanted a cleaner layout which showed off their cars and services. Below is the start of the site redesign. Unfortunately, they closed before the site never launched.

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Facebook Newsroom

The world's largest social network, and I got to so some work on it, well the newsroom!

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