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Bromley Community Transport

Bromley Community Transport was a fantastic charity providing much-needed transport to seniors and people with disabilities in the London Borough of Bromley.


Bromley Community Transport operated specially adapted minibuses for seniors and people with disabilities in the Bromley area. I was approached to redevelop their site and make it easier for users to book transport and get the information they needed.

The accessibility was crucial, as some of the audience may a vision impairment. With this in mind, we created a site where users were able to change the font sizes to something which suited them better. We even spent time talking to users to make sure the colour choices throughout the site made it using the site a pleasure. Everything was taken into account to make it easy to use while maintaining a clean and pleasant design.

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Facebook Newsroom

The world's largest social network, and I got to so some work on it, well the newsroom!

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