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Updating Rails

Rails 5.1 was released on April, 27. So lets have a look at updating our current install.

Published May 2, 2017 in general, rails

So previously when we were setting up Rails we installed Rails 5.0.1, so in today we are going to go over how you would update to the latest Rails release.

This will be a really short article as it and all we need to do its enter the following lines, and we will install Rails 5.1 (check rubyonrails.org for the latest version).

Once Rails has been updated we will need to tell rbenv to use to use it by default.

$ gem install rails -v 5.1
$ rbenv rehash
$ rails -v
# Rails 5.1.0

Not as bad as you thought? Well why make things harder than they need to be. Anyway, as you see running rails -v we can make sure we are now running the latest Rails version.

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Getting into Sass

Get a better understanding of Sass with this simple guide

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