Hi, I'm Alan. I believe in structured processes, clean design & excellent attention to detail. Problem-solving by delivering innovative solutions which are device-agnostic and accessible to as many visitors as possible through client collaboration.

Case studies

Case Study : Capital on Tap

Capital on Tap are a responsible and ethical small business finance company, who specialise in offering simple, easy to understand financial solutions.

Case Study : Doughnut CSS

Doughnut is a simple, easy to use, mobile first CSS boilerplate, built using Sass, which can help kickstart any project into life.

I am not currently considering new projects.


CSS only toggle switch

Dec 13, 2016

Let's create a CSS toggle switch that is based an iPhone settings switch

Slack style loader

Nov 8, 2016

Let's create a loader, which resembles the loader used by slack

Add Disqus to your Jekyll site

Nov 3, 2016

Disqus is an awesome commenting system which you can easily add to your Jekyll site

An overview of Bourbon

Oct 24, 2016

Bourbon is not just a lovely tipple, but its also an awesome Sass mixin library, and much more!